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Adult Speech Therapy

​Have you had a traumatic brain injury or other incident affecting your ability to understand what you hear or your ability to organize, remember information, and stay focused? Are you having trouble speaking or swallowing/eating after a surgery or stroke? Maybe you are a singer or teacher in need of a vocal hygiene program or voice retraining after strenuous use of your vocal cords? The Holistic SLP can help. My whole-person approach to rehabilitation and healing brings out your strengths to maximize your quality of life and help you regain hope. Adult speech therapy is beneficial for: motor speech production, voice and resonance, speech fluency, stroke rehabilitation and language recovery, neurocognitive-communication training, swallow therapy and dysphagia management, and pragmatic language/social skills training. I also provide compassionate, customized dementia care training for caregivers and families who have a loved one struggling with dementia. Connect with me to learn more and schedule a free phone consultation.

Voice therapy for singers
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