Corporate Speech Training

Are you wanting to learn to speak better English and communicate on the job more professionally? Are you a business looking for staff training on public speaking? The Holistic SLP can help. I teach you how to modify your accent to speak American English in a clear and socially accepted way, while also helping you preserve your own culture, identity, and home language or dialect. Corporate speech training is beneficial for enhancing: articulation for American English speakers, articulation for English language learners, public speaking skills, business communication skills, code-switching skills, voice characteristics, and social communication skills. With my background as a linguist, I can also help you learn to sound more like a native speaker of other dialects of English, as well as other common languages, such as Spanish, French, Cantonese, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese. Connect with me to learn more and schedule a free phone consultation.

Corporate speech training with video conferencing platform