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Your Hub for Professional Peer Mentorship in Holistic Speech and Wellness

Join the Holistic SLP Community

Are you a new grad starting your clinical fellowship (CF) and wanting some guidance?

Are you a practicing SLP looking to switch settings, maybe feeling burnt out in the mainstream healthcare or education systems?

Are you looking to start your own SLP business dedicated to holistic speech and wellness (but school didn’t teach us how)?

Reserve a Virtual Tea Time
with Sherri

PayPal.Me/sherrihuang or Venmo $40-$80 to @sherrihuang (amount at your discretion)

If you are being guided to my website and would like to connect with someone who is a natural at listening and offering you valuable, intuitive, objective insight from a place of kindness and authenticity, I invite you to email me directly with three dates/times that align with your schedule for a one-hour virtual meeting with me — over a cup of tea.

Everyone is welcome to reserve a virtual tea time with me: SLP professionals, college students, grad students, new grads, teens, holistic professionals, someone interested in traditional reiki, someone interested in shamanic reiki or shamanic journeying, someone looking for intuitive guidance and support. I’m here for you.

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