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Intuitive Mentorship
& Holistic SLPs

Everyone is welcome to participate in my intuitive mentorship program. With my unique background of knowledge and skills, fellow practicing speech-language pathologists (SLPs) are a specific community I’m able to guide and help as a peer mentor, especially in terms of navigating the transition into harmonizing the clinical side and more naturopathic, intuitive side.


My intuitive mentorship sessions are basically a mix of my intuitive healing sessions and intuitive wellness readings, with you and your journey at the center. I show up as my full authentic self and channel insight that helps you to trust your intuition and embrace your path. I don’t tell you what to do or bring in limitations.


I have been fortunate to help SLPs successfully transition from settings of high burnout and lack of fulfillment to settings of healthy balance and abundant opportunities; reclaim their personal power and heal old wounds and triggers both personally and professionally; unlock energetic barriers to healthy finances and heal their relationship with money; heal their inner child and sense of self-worth; empower their intuition and self-trust. Connect with me​ to learn more.

Reserve a virtual tea time with Sherri!

If you are being guided to my website and would like to connect with someone who is a natural at listening and offering you valuable, intuitive, objective insight from a place of kindness and authenticity, I invite you to email me directly with three dates/times that align with your schedule for a one-hour online session — tea is optional but fun and encouraged.


My virtual tea time sessions are offered through my sliding fee scale, which is currently $65-$100 for all 1:1 hourly sessions, so the amount is at your discretion based on what you are able and feel guided to offer. I accept payment through Venmo @sherrihuang at the time of scheduling (PayPal, Zelle, and Square are also options if needed). You will then receive a video conferencing link and details by email.

Everyone is welcome to reserve a virtual tea time: SLP professionals, college students, grad students, new grads, teens, holistic professionals, someone interested in traditional reiki, someone interested in shamanic reiki or shamanic journeying, someone looking for intuitive guidance and support. I’m here for you.

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Reserve 1:1 or small group classes and workshops here!

Current course offerings and workshops (6 hours each):

Reiki 1, Reiki 2, Reiki 3, Reiki Master, Shamanic Journeying, Intuition Activation

*Class rates start at $360. Contact me for more details and scheduling. National and international groups and workshops will be announced soon!

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