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Holistic Mentorship

Adults and SLP professionals from all locations and all chapters of their journey are welcome to participate in my holistic mentorship program. With my unique background of knowledge and skills, I offer customized mentorship and intuitive healing sessions (aka virtual tea time) that welcome all emotions, feelings, thoughts, memories, and questions. I hold a safe, sacred space for you to navigate your process while channeling insight for you. In these sessions, I help you unlock and expand your inner strength and courage, to be reminded of your powerful light within you in a way that you truly experience for yourself, not just hear or read about it.


Sessions have no agendas or rules. They have included: guided meditation, intuition development, compassionate conversation, inner child healing, relationship healing, reiki energy channeling, shamanic journeying, past life/karmic healing, oracle readings, visualizations, self-acceptance and self-compassion development, energetic cord healings, practical and effective feedback, as well as loving messages from your spirit guides, angels, archangels, spiritual teachers, and loved ones on the energetic realm.

If you are being guided to my website and would like to connect with someone who is a natural at listening and offering you valuable, intuitive, objective insight from a place of kindness and authenticity, I invite you to email me directly with three dates and timeframes that align with your schedule for a 1-hour Zoom session — tea is optional but fun and encouraged.

Sessions are offered on a sliding fee scale of $65-$100, so the amount is at your discretion based on what you are able and feel guided to offer. I accept payment through Venmo @sherrihuang (or Square invoice) at the time of scheduling or day of your appointment. You will then receive a video conferencing link by email.

I have been fortunate to help intuitive adults and SLPs successfully transition from environments of high burnout and lack of fulfillment to settings of healthy balance and abundant opportunities; reclaim their personal power and heal old wounds and triggers both personally and professionally; navigate the beginnings of entrepreneurship and journey toward self-employment; unlock energetic barriers to healthy finances and heal their relationship with money; heal their inner child and sense of self-worth; empower their intuition and self-trust. Connect with me​ to schedule your session.​

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