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Intuitive Wellness Readings

Explore the higher purpose of your human experiences and receive clarity on your journey with this comprehensive, intuitively guided approach to processing and healing life events and memories. I channel from a combination of my intuitive clair senses, with clairvoyance being the most developed sense, inherited from my great-grandmothers and ancestors from the eastern world.


While I have background training and knowledge in traditional clinical psychology, my intuitive wellness readings go beyond the limitations of our 3D human experience, so you unlock your strengths and heal old challenges quicker and more powerfully. Oftentimes these readings appear on the surface just like a conversation with a close and trusted friend, filled with compassion and clarity. I may also channel intuitive insight from a variety of angel/oracle cards to provide you with added confirmation of intuitive messages you may already be receiving. Messages come through with only love and light. Connect with me​ to learn more and schedule an intuitive wellness reading.

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