Our experience with Sherri was nothing short of stellar. She immediately formed a bond with my son and not only helped him with his speech, but also was able to help coach him (and us as parents!) through some coping mechanisms to deal with the frustration that was coming from not being understood. Within a few months of working with Sherri, our son went from testing >1 yr behind in his speech to being age appropriate. Her passion for children and her love for them as whole people (not just clinical cases) is apparent from the minute you meet her. I could not recommend her more strongly to anyone that is struggling with speech issues! You won’t regret bringing this wonderful person into your circle!

— LM from Connecticut

I cannot recommend Sherri highly enough. Her kindness, dedication, creativity and RESULTS are second to none. I first met Sherri when we worked together. I am a special education teacher for non-verbal students in an autism spectrum self-contained classroom. Sherri connected with each student and was able to make remarkable gains in both AAC device usage as well as verbal speech. When my 5-year-old needed help with her articulation, I knew there was no one else I would trust. My daughter has progressed rapidly and looks forward to Sherri’s visits each week! Sherri has developed customized materials based on my daughter’s interests and special craft projects to motivate her. Sherri is incredibly flexible and works around our hectic schedule. She has even met me at work and took the time to paint and play with my daughter after their session. Their bond is truly special and my daughter LOVES her speech lessons! You will not find a better human being to teach and love your child!

— AM from Connecticut

We have worked with many SLPs over the years but Sherri definitely stands out. She is wonderful at making things fun while working through important goals. Her calm but playful demeanor has been a great match for my son. She is a great listener who really took the time to learn about my son and how he works best. She thinks out of the box and is open to trying new ideas. My son always looks forward to his sessions with her! 

— AK from Massachusetts

We are so very blessed to have Sherri in our son’s life. He had a lot of frustration for quite some time as he was not being understood by others. Sherri made an immediate connection with him, so much that he was truly excited for his SLP sessions. In just a few short months, he made such tremendous progress while working with Sherri. His frustration had lessened significantly and the people around him were better connecting in conversation with him. This made him so excited! We highly recommend Sherri to anyone struggling with speech issues. She is a highly skilled, talented and wonderfully caring person who truly goes above and beyond for her clients.

— JC from Connecticut

It’s been a long road with my son’s speech therapy but I’m so glad to see how much he’s progressed!! He’s had 3 speech pathologists but he had a special connection with Sherri!! I’m so thankful with God for opening all the doors he has for my boy to get this far!!

— LB from California

I need to acknowledge Sherri for all of the hard work she does. She is simply Amazing! Her ability to know the bottom line is incredible. Not everyone can see what she sees. I acknowledge her intuitive insight and also her ability to recognize the truth of our lived life existence. I love her creativity and her expression is keen and precise. She is such an inspiration.

— JS from Massachusetts

Sherri is a very special person. She radiates positive, warm, loving energy from the moment you meet her. You can tell right away she holds no judgments of you and you will find how easy it is to open up to her. She listens wholeheartedly to whatever you want to tell her and she always provides feedback from a loving place. She’s much wiser than what her youthful age would portray. After one reiki session she will learn more about you than what your lifelong best friend knows. She has helped me unlock a lot of stuck energy which has given me an amazing boost on life.

— TA from Massachusetts

I found Sherri while searching for a private speech therapist after a disappointing response to my request through the school. I have experienced school-provided services with another child but it is really true that you get what you pay for: I noticed a difference in my child’s speech after the very first session with Sherri. She is absolutely outstanding in both her knowledge of her field and her ability to meet a child where they are and work with them to continuously improve while at the same time enjoying the process. My child absolutely loves her and looks forward to their sessions and I can see noticeable improvement after each session. Sherri is very good at explaining what they’ve worked on in each session and what they are working toward for future sessions so you know exactly where things stand at all times. I really cannot recommend her highly enough!

— MM from Connecticut

My [reiki] session with Sherri was powerful! She is a gifted energy healer and a warm and peaceful soul. I recommend working with her and look forward to my next session!

— EL from Vermont

Sherri’s doing great work! I saw an amazing change in my teenage daughter overnight after her reiki session with Sherri. First of all she came home and totally cleaned her room and did the dishes without me even asking her. Then she started eating better and wants to join a gym. Sherri moved more energy in the time she spent with her than her whole two years of talking to a therapist. Sherri’s amazing and such a light!!

— DL from Connecticut

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