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Intuitive Healing Sessions

Through my inner healing journey over the years and embracing my soul’s missions in this lifetime, I have been fortunate to align with opportunities to be of service to others by channeling healing on a deeper level for them too. With my rare ability to be grounded and laser-focused on my intuitive senses and pure heart intentions, I serve as a clear bridge that connects you with your intuitive and higher self, helping you to receive clarity and resolve on repeated cycles of stagnation on your path while getting to the root of it all in a most compassionate and articulate manner.


My unique, customized intuitive healing sessions welcome whatever emotions, feelings, thoughts, and memories need to come through and I very naturally hold a safe, sacred space for you to navigate your process while guiding you as needed. After all, to cope and avoid is not to heal fully.


In my sessions, I help you unlock and expand your inner strength and courage, to be reminded of your powerful light within you in a way that you truly experience for yourself, not just hear or read about it. Sessions have no agendas or rules; they have included, for example, guided meditations, compassionate conversation, inner child healing, relationship healing, reiki energy channeling, shamanic journeying, past life/karmic healing, visualizations, self-acceptance and self-compassion development, practical and effective feedback, as well as loving messages from your spirit guides, angels, and loved ones on the energetic realm. Connect with me​ to learn more and schedule an intuitive healing session.

Image by Jeremy Bishop
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