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June 2023

Summer solstice blessings to everyone near and far! This season I find myself picking back up the important topic of balance and realignment — a constant dance in life, and eventually (with all the inner work), a more effortless one.


As some of you know, I was recently involved in my first car crash where a young driver rear-ended me on the highway. Sure, he wasn’t paying attention, but because I saw the higher perspective right away, I couldn’t let myself place blame on anyone. We subconsciously co-manifested the situation, possibly along with divine intervention of sorts. I’m thankful no one was seriously hurt — and thankful for plenty of acupuncture, energy work, and self-care to recalibrate during these months.


What do I mean about co-creating that situation? Well, consider how we each attract to ourselves every situation in life, every experience, all of it. This is regardless of whether the human side categorizes the experience as good or bad, pleasant or unpleasant. What if we were to practice consistently viewing all of it as ultimately for our highest good? Every event happens exactly how and when it does, based on the vibrational quality of our inner thoughts and beliefs at any given moment.


Indeed, this perspective can feel unfamiliar and scary, yet also empowering. For those of us who have survived trauma, this isn’t to say we were to blame or that we were deserving of what happened to us. It’s not black-and-white like that. When we move through the healing journey and cultivate curiosity toward life lessons and beliefs that are deeply embedded, even on the soul level and through family lineage, we begin to realize the connecting pieces and higher reasons behind every life event; we begin to shift into a stronger inner freedom, to rise above the past and its limitations.


So, you might wonder what was happening in my energetic field when I co-manifested getting hit in a car crash. What message or lesson was the Universe needing me to see? One main lesson I intuitively heard right away: I needed to create space for myself, to keep in check my lingering tendency to over-give to the world, inadvertently placing my self-worth on how helpful I am, or how productive I am. After all, most of us were raised in a society that continues to instill these limiting beliefs.


One of the several recent catalysts in my life that directed my attention to healing more layers of these conditioned beliefs was when this past winter my two beloved grandparents crossed over to the other side. Some of you have heard me describe the miraculous moments and synchronicities that brought everything full circle. From these significant intuitive experiences of confirmation grew more openhearted, healing conversations with my family and transformative opportunities.


It’s been some number of months now of practicing holding a compassionate space for my process, practicing trusting it, and releasing the medical drama that surrounds end-of-life in this country. Amid all of the reassurance from the Universe, my human side still needed to go through the grieving process, and, I wasn’t fully able to do that by focusing on everyone else. I became more aware again that my default mode was to busy myself with prioritizing all those around me — to hold that steady and loving space for my whole family and beyond, to be that unwavering pillar of strength.


Awareness is key, and when we come from that vast space of conscious awareness, we are less likely to attach or close up our energetic field, and less likely to spiral into detrimental imbalance involving martyrdom or sacrifice. So, when we remember we are the observer — watching our own process and noticing when that pendulum starts to swing too far to one side — we are more effortlessly able to course-correct, to pause, to refill our own figurative cup. And, during events that unfold exactly how they need, no matter how challenging, we become more adept at navigating and healing — releasing those previous versions of ourselves, those previous patterns and cycles that hold us back from our fullest potential.


I often return to the observation that I am only able to channel as much healing and clarity for others as I continue to do for myself. We are all merely reflections of one another, and so, I encourage you to remember that when you are recharged and balanced in your own giving and receiving, positive shifts also happen for everyone in your life — and in the collective through that energetic ripple effect.


On this note, there is a big sense of excitement and anticipation for the coming months. Positive movement is happening in the world, so don’t get discouraged when you come across something that doesn’t feel so hopeful. The Universe is always coming back into equilibrium, just like each of us in our natural state.


I wish all of you a most peaceful and fulfilling summer ahead. I will be taking a month off for quality family time and traveling to them. Part of me feels strange (and restless) for calling it “time off,” especially since I consider myself so fortunate to be doing what I love and enjoy for my work, getting to help make a positive difference every day. But, here’s to balance, eh? May you notice the ways in which you are also able to balance your giving and receiving. Right here. Right now. May you embrace the joy in those little moments, and may you embrace the miracle of each day. I can’t wait to see how our paths continue to unfold.

Thank you for being on this journey!


With love and light,

Sherri Huang 黄楚明, MA, CCC-SLP, RMT

Founder, The Holistic SLP

Speech & Language Sessions

Waitlist openings will be available this August for Glastonbury families!


If you know someone in need of high-quality speech and language therapy sessions for their little one, please don’t hesitate to send them my way. A big shout-out to all of the supportive, hard-working parents out there! Together we have created big, positive growth in the kids’ communication development. I still vividly remember those moments of initially working together with your child, compared with how far they have come since then, even in short amounts of time. Keep up the amazing work, and know that I see you!

Classes & Workshops

My next Reiki 1 class offerings: 

September 9, 2023 | Farmington, CT

September 10, 2023 | Northampton, MA


Time: to be determined (average class time is 6-7 hours)


Cost: $360 per person


*Reiki 1, 2, 3, and the Master class are also all available 1:1 in person or virtually!

Contact me for details.

Reiki Healing Sessions

CLINIC Alternative Medicines in Northampton, Massachusetts


*Online booking is open for August on Fridays 3-9 pm*


I will be resuming intuitive energy healing and reiki sessions this August! The reiki energy work I practice is a healing arts modality I incorporate into my speech therapy sessions, my intuitive guidance and mentorship sessions, my daily life. This gentle, non-invasive relaxation technique is an extension of how everything has (and is) energy, how a universal life force (also called chi and prana) flows through each one of us and our thoughts and emotions. I serve as a clear channel, similar to jump-starting a battery. Energy healing ultimately helps us all to be more present for ourselves and the people around us as we navigate through life.

Holistic SLP Roundtable Sessions

Coming this fall ...


Join us for a nourishing hour via Zoom of:

  • Guided meditation

  • Energetic cleansing

  • Small group connection

  • Authentic discussion with like-minded SLPs from around the world


Exact dates: to be determined :)


Cost: free to participate!


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